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    Disable System Restore

    I had a big problem with a piece of SpyWare called SpyFalcon v2.0 and to remove this i had to disabled system restore and go into safe mode. Is it ok to leave system restore off or should i turn it back and if i do how do i create new restore points so it doesn`t go back to when spyfalcon was there?

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    Yes it's fine to disable system restore. In order to make a new restore point, go into start-programs-accessories-system tools. There you can create a new restore point. Good luck

    - Jim

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    I like System Restore as long as you have the HD space to keep the backups. It isn't a perfect backup solution, but is better than nothing. It is also a quick and dirty way of getting back to a working configuration if something goes wrong without needing to do a full install.

    I think the best thing for you to do would be to get the system to where it is clean and running well. Delete all of the old restore files, they are in a hidden folder that can only be seen when restore is disabled (C:\_Restore). Then enable System Restore again, and create a new fresh restore point. That should remove all traces of any infection you had, and prevent an accidental restore to an infected state.

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    i quit using it for 2 reasons 1 frees up disc space and resources 2 most of the spyware/viri disables it anyway. anticipated user error is the only rerason id keep it now
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    A good app for backing up your data is Acronis True Image. Works great.
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