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    Which Circumaural headphones for under $100

    I also don't want the added expense of an amp. I just want some decent phones for gaming and general mp3 listening. These will be connected directly to my pc and will not be for portable use.
    I'm currently looking at the Sony xd400's. Decent enough?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    The HD474's from Sennheiser are pretty nice for about half of what you have listed.
    I have a pair and they sound really good especially for gaming.
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    Nah, get some Sennheiser HD555, best all around cans for the money. And really comfy too.
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    anyone know of similar headphones with an attached microphone? I would like some heavy duty, pro quality sound, with a mic built onto it, looking around the 50 dollar range, maybe more or less

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    The Audio-Technica ATH-A500 costed me about 110US to ship to Canada. The only e-store I know that sells them is

    These cans have a great soundstage and are perfect for gaming, music and movies. It has a low impedance so you won't need an amp at all.
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