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    What are acceptable temps?

    Hello, I am a newbie... I just had a system built for me and so far everything is good.. a couple of video wig outs, which I am assuming happen most likely from heat... so that makes me question what is acceptable for case temp and cpu temp...I downloaded Motherboard monitor and I am not so sure that it is not set up 100% correctly considering it says my cpu temp is -22f. here are the specs to my system:

    Coolermaster Cavalier T03
    Gigabyte K8NPRO SLI
    AMD Athlon 64 3700
    1.5gb ddr ram
    XFX Geforce 6600 GT 256 pci-e
    Windows xp home
    Nspire 450 watt power supply
    WD 250gb SATA2 w/16mb

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... I am looking for what temps should be, and how I should set up MBM correctly to show correct cpu temp..



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    Those temps are definately wrong unless u live in a tent in siberia or something. It should be close to High 30C Low 40C idle. As far as MBM there should be a list of mb on there where u could pick one and have it configured automatically

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    That is what I thought.

    No I do not live in Siberia, so I guess I will make sure that I have the settings correct in MBM.



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    I get those kinds of temps but I am phase cooling my CPU. So yeah they seem a bit out of adjustment. LOL

    On startup go into your BIOS and find out what temps the MB is actually reporting so you have a good idea of where you should be and adjust accordingly.
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    Motherboard Monitor can be a pain sometimes. I know that it does not support EPoX boards for some reason(since I have one and tried using MBM to no avail). So I'd recommend trying another program to monitor temps such as Everest.
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