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    LOL! Pentium 955 XE @ 7,1 GHz!

    Now they've done it!

    SuperPi 1M @ 18,859 s

    /me wants one of those!
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    I might be wrong, but i think someone @ XS did this one...

    I would check but XS is down yet again...
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    I'm pretty sure FUGGER @ XS did 7.4, very nice oc tho.

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    This is the record for Dual cores and pretty darn amazing anyway I can't read what they have down so anybody care to translate the article?

    Also FUGGER did a 7.2ghz bios shot with a 660 to be the first to break the 7ghz barrier but the record is held by Duck(I think) with a 7.6ghz 670.

    It was absolutezero that pulled it off and heres the link
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    Man those euro guys have too much time on their hands.

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    wow, it takes a 955 XE @ 7.1 GHz to do 18's on SPI. The Conroe can do that without breaking a sweat.
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