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Thread: Call of Duty 2

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    Call of Duty 2

    I'm just wondering how good the multiplayer of this game? is it any good at all? does anybody still play online? need your answer before i buy the game.

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    It's very similar to the first Call of Duty, if you liked that it's really enjoyable. Plus now that the game has been out a few months, there are modded servers with red dot accuracy. I like the addition of a shotgun, but on the other hand there is no artillery yet.

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    I do like COD2 multiplayer, but I still get more enjoyment from RTCW:ET. One of the main reasons is that RTCW:ET has class-based, objective-style play which promotes teamwork. I find that COD2, while it does have several different gametypes, is just a bit too chaotic and repetitive. That being said, the fantastic graphics and sounds in COD2 make it a truly immersive experience. IMO, it feels more realistic than any other WWII FPS game (not that I know what it was truly like). For that reason, I continue to play some COD2 multiplayer, mostly CTF since I think it involves the most teamwork.

    I also feel that the COD2 engine is such that there will never be a huge spread between the average players and the great players. Aiming seems a bit weird to me, and in my experience anybody can kill anybody very easily. You don't see insane K/D ratios in COD2 like you do with games based on the Q3 engine. Maybe that's a good thing to some people, but I don't really like it. I like the fact that in RTCW:ET, a newbie has absolutely no chance of killing a skilled player in a SMG dual.

    PS: You actually like that red-dot aiming mod? I find it extremely annoying. That's why they have down-the-sight aiming mode.

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    I have both COD and COD2 and I like to play COD more than COD2. Like KillrBuckeye said...the controls of the game just feel kind of funny. I do enjoy the game though...I just choose to play COD instead.

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    I played Cod:UO all the time but once I got used to CoD2 I play it more and more. I can still get the good K : D Raitos. 6:1 - 10:1 is usally what I average.
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    kinda looking for good multiplayer games other than BF2, UT2k4, CS:S, Quake4. Are there any more good multiplayer games? I'm into fast pace games

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    Personally I hated COD2 multiplayer because it was just random killing. COD2 SP was killer.

    For MP BF2 is much better.
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    Are there any more good multiplayer games? I'm into fast pace games
    Have you checked out Far Cry multi? Thats pretty fast paced, and it's fun as well.
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    I gotta say I like CoD2. It's not a game I would play daily, but sometimes it can be alot of fun. The game is pretty fast, it runs very smooth in DX7 mode and the maps are cool. I think it's better than CoD1, cuz there are more weapons and maps. And yes, still many people are playing it online, and I don't think that will change anytime soon, because even CoD1 is still a popular game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckbadly
    Have you checked out Far Cry multi? Thats pretty fast paced, and it's fun as well.
    Yeah I've tried it once. It was fun to play but not really much players playing when i tried.

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    In my opinion, the multi-player is great. I play it almost everyday. I think the key is finding a few favorite servers.
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