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    5v rail at 4.30!!!! Help!!!!

    According to my BIOS, my 5v rail is running at 4.30 and my computer is crashing 2-3 times a day. It's an Antec 500w. I can't figure out how to bring that rail back up. This is the one part of overclocking I don't understand. Please, I need ideas to help this problem.

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    Use a multimeter to test the rail. Bios/Software are usually not very accurate.
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    You can check with a multimeter, but if it's crashing 2-3 times a day there is obviously something wrong. How are the other rails? Unless you have adjustable rails, you'll more than likely have to just buy a new power supply. IMHO you'd want to do this ASAP because if you have a failing power supply it might short or fry other components when it fails.
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    I don't remember the 3v but the 12v is just above 11. I will switch out the PSU when I get home and see if that does it. I have it minorly overclocked but, I have never played with the v-core to OC so that should still be at the stock setting. That's what confused me as to why it was so low. It sucks that my Antec doesn't perform as good as my no name brand.

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    What are your computer specs? We usually put them in a short signature so others know the situation without having to ask.

    Two recommended PSUs for 12V based systems are: OCZ520Powerstream, and the Silverstone ST56ZF.
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    Sounds like it's time for an upgrade to a more robust psu. I also recommend the Powerstream 520.
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    Unless it's a serious system, though, a 500w Antec shouldn't be having any trouble with minor overclocking. Antec units might not be the best, but they're a pretty solid general choice.
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    lol no offense guys.. but you aren't telling him the problem. just telling him to buy a new power supply.

    well you see, when you overclock you need more power to reach the speed. youre power supply only can give soo soo much so after it, the voltages go down and the power supply gets weaker. in the condition that your power supply is. you can expect it to die soon.

    And yes. it is time for a new power supply. i agree with them.

    the OCZ powerstream 520 is an awesome power supply if it weren't for the hefty price tag. im sure you have no wish to spend 100+ on a power supply in your current situation.

    im sure a fortron or FSP power supply will work fine. look for a a fortron 450watt+ power supply that has a high amount of ampage on the 12v rail. remember. how many watts the power supply is useless if the watts aren't in the place where you need them to be.

    and well if youre 12v is just above 11.. thats pretty serious. the ATX spec is supposed to be 11.6 minimum.

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    Well, I went back to my Codgen 350 and it brought the 5v rail back up to 4.73. Not great, but better and stable. The Antec has now been religated to fan power only.

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    to the forums.

    RMA the Antec once you have verified with a Digital Multimeter that it is indeed faulty.
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    If it's still under the warranty and you can't RMA it, I'd call Antec Support and get a replacement- their support folks have been GREAT to me.
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