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    is the EOC "first record" accurate?


    does it tell you the date you turned in your first work unit? or is that the date of your first milestone? whatever it is it's almost my 2 year anniversary!
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    Mine is right on the money, can't speak for everyone though.


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    perfect for me too

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    You can also DL "your" stats info from there.

    Drop into Excell spread sheet and see what you've done!

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    Mine is right. It is the date you turned in your first wu. I think that it only goes back to 1-1-04 though because ive seen several with that date. Yatta has that date.

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    Congrats on your anniversary. And yes my EOC "first record" is just right.

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    yeah.. it's accurate back up to the cuttoff (they can only keep so much data... )

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorII
    You can also DL "your" stats info from there.

    Drop into Excell spread sheet and see what you've done!

    When you download your stats you get a time stamp, WUs, total points, and Team Rank. Mine goes all the way back to 7/15/05 when I turned in my first work unit. But I want to know, is there any way to get your ppd (daily production history) for this same time frame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TollhouseFrank
    yeah.. it's accurate back up to the cuttoff (they can only keep so much data... )
    from what I have read is that the "04" date was when they first started, anything before than obviously isn't covered because stanford does not keep records of their stats.

    I've also herd that the guy that runs the site has in depth stats dating back to when he started, however, due to site limitations he is currently unable to have them all up there if i remember correctly. He does provide .csv files upon request though with your individual stats.
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    ^^^^What he said^^^

    I don't know exactly how far back Jason has stats for, but when I first started folding in late 2001 his stats weren't around. For stats back then, they had Stanford (obviously), Statsman (bit the dust last year) and the Arachnid site(shut down in 2002 if I remember right).

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    It's accurate but there's a problem with it. I had a very brief introduction to F@H where it all went wrong and my system crashed a lot. So I don't count that as the start of my folding. I count it from when I started at the beginning of this year, so I've only been folding just over 3 months.

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