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    Error Extracting .bkf file?

    So my other thread's topic was completely different than the problem I'm having now, so I thought I'd try creating a new one to hopefully stimulate some help!

    I connected a laptop drive to my machine in an attempt to get files off of it. (the client is Japanese and I believe the WinXP install was a japanese install as well, I had to reformat, weird error, see thread below) - The only way I (apparently) was able to back things up was using the WinXP Backup program (my first time using it).

    I now have a 20gb .bkf file, which I cannot seem to extract the files back out of. I get this error no matter what I try, it seems to do this for every file:

    Warning: Unable to set the short 8.3 name for "E:\Documents and Settings\Hiroko Hattori\デスクトップ\日本の写真\New year\15\画像3 038.jpg".
    Reason: The parameter is incorrect.

    I can't seem to make heads or tails of this, anyone help me out? Is the question marks in the filename a hint that I'm missing some language files or?
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    I do not believe (although I could be wrong) that .bkf is a format you extract the data from as its a compressed backup. You simply restore the backup instead

    If you believe the data is curropt you can repair it using tools such as the one located at the following URL
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    If you must extract data from the backup file this software claims to do it

    the software found at the following URL claims to be albe to recover files from corrupt or damaged BKF files. Ive no idea if this would work on non-damaged files but I could not see why.... its your data, want to risk it ???
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