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    i got GR:AW today

    got it from a friend who owns a game shop (same one that i got FEAR 10 days early ).

    well, i didnt get past the first level cos i cant run it!! i mean my system is hardly slow, i run bf2 (1280x1024 all medium with 2xAA) and get average 70FPS, i can run FEAR at all high 1024x768 and get 50fps and cs on full everything.

    put graw on 1024x768, everything LOW and no AA or dynamic light and i get max 20fps, when enemys come on screen i get about 3fps. this sucks.

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    what does GR:AW stand for...?
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    I've had the demo running the last few dayz and It rungs just fine with medium settings and better than F.E.A.R.

    I think i'm gonna pic up when i comes out here in Germany
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    I know the demo is very demanding. They say at least a 2GHz P4 and 1gig memory and a GeForce 6 or 7.
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    I think that's a little ridiculous. Programmers can't come up with something that runs decently on a $400 card? I mean, what's everbody without an awesome graphics card doing?
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    This game is very good, but needs a patch. When I was playing it on my 7900gtx the average FPS was 40 and sometimes it'd get in the 50s but never reached 60 (during that benchmark at least).

    My 7800gtx stays between 25-30 usually, but sometimes gets lower.

    So yeah, this game needs a patch. The problem is, I think, that there is SO MUCH geometry (buildings, plants, cars = mucho polygons) that it's very demanding. DirectX10 is supposed to be able to handle a lot more geometry (like Kameo, where there are 5000 characters on screen, and the developers said they'd up it to 7-10,000 later on. By the way, the GPU of the Xbox360 has some "DX10" capabilities, so I assume that's why). Two of the lead guys at ATI were on "On the Spot" on Gamespot this past thursday and one of them mentioned DX10 being able to handle a lot more charactesr, etc. They had over 20,000 characters on screen at once walking around and the things didn't crash, though it was chugging a lil' bit, but it handled 10,000 characters on screen just fine!

    So yeah, this game is BIG game due to the big cities. I'm pretty sure if they'd cut down on the size of the cities it'd run A LOT smoother.
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    Well I got it yesterday also. Not a single issue here. Runs the same if not better then the demo. Its locked in at roughly 30FPS for most gameplay. I did get 50-70's for that brief fall in the first few min. I run 1400x800 (i think thats what it is ingame its the max resolution it gives me in there) with all the settings on high (changed all medium to high in the settings file).
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    CONSPIRACT THEORY: Hardware Mfgs are under the covers with the software programmers, thus VERY popular game=insane system requirements. I'll bet if a team of programmers WITHOUT an agenda got a hold of this then it would run fine on a 1.5ghz Athlon or P4, 512MB RAM, and a 6200 or x300 GPU with nearly all the pretties turned on as well.

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    Demo runs okay for me all maxed up but of corse the AA ****es me off.

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    never broke 35 fps in the demo w. the auto-detect settings...
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    yeah I commented on the demo for being based on the FEAR engine...this sure runs hella worse.

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    i just finished the demo at 1280x960 and it was fine. i'd guess 30fps and up. pretty cool game i must say.. i like the guns

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    i have full version...its a real hard game..i dont know how to get past lvl 1(lol me so noob) and yeah its high demanding..i thought fear was high demanding but even with a 7800gs with most high i get 30~50 fps

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    I see that the original poster has an athlon XP, wich can contribute VERY heavily to the lack of performance. Sadly, about all you can do is upgrade. Sorry man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shard
    I see that the original poster has an athlon XP, wich can contribute VERY heavily to the lack of performance. Sadly, about all you can do is upgrade. Sorry man!

    i know! i had the money saved up to get my opteron, dfi ultra board and a 7900gtx, but ive just had to spend it on my car! (gutted)
    oh well, back to bf2 till i can upgrade.

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    Demo runs fine on my pc too only problem im getting is the games is so damn hard, i play through the 360 game easy. This demo i cant get to the main area every time i get closer i die, and the team dont help they just run out and let them kill them lol. maybe its a nvidia card bug in the game, the only ppl that are having the probs as far as i can see is nvidia users, the demo shows a ati screen when u load it so it must be that.

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    I have it and its choppy when i have the lowest resolution and everything low...W...T..>F!!!!!

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    Sweet demo so far. Hard though I've gotten killed twice now at the square. Running 1280x1024 w\ eye candy maxed getting about average of 60-80FPS on X1900XTX.
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    well thats a nother happy ATI user its goto be a nvidia thing.

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