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    Windows Server 2003 NLB

    Hey guys, wanted to know whether it's possible to set up a NLB (Network Load Balanced) cluster using only the OS and no extra hardware using two nodes? Do the two nodes only output 1 public IP address or does it come out as 2? Kinda new at this so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    to my knowledge you would need to set them up as an Active/Active cluster.

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    I've done a 2 node active passive sql cluster with an attacted array. I think its possible without the attached array but I have no idea on how its done. I think you need a quorum drive on each node.

    And when you set up the cluster you have one IP for the cluster and about 9 other IPs for everything else.

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    Thanks guys. But still wondering whether i need an extra switch or hub to set the one cluster ip or is it done by one of the two nodes? Since it's a webserver i'm worried about the DNS transfer in case one node goes down, do i have to indicate my two internal IPs to my ISP or do the notes reroute themselves? When using an active/active cluster is data synchronized between the two machines, meaning updated (mirrored)? Thanks again i'm still new at this.

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