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    The original heater for the Mach 1 prometia

    Good morning all.

    Due to the incredible humidty and heat we here in Florida are suffering from I am starting to have to deal with a great deal more condensation then I would care to.

    I am using the original Prometia Mach 1 unmodified and never had to use the little 7w heater that came with the system. I normally use neoprene and cut out a template for the backplate, then a template to put inside the hold down kit and another for the outer section. Sounds like overkill but so is water and your system

    Ever with all that I still see water beads around the sticky seal string and on the back plate outside.

    So for the first time I realize I am going to have to connect the little micro heater.

    My problem however is JUST HOW DO YOU CONNECT IT?????? It appears to be a 2 prong plug that just does not connect to anything that my motherboard or power supply offers???? I have a PC&P 510AGL with SATA plugs, 6 phase plugs, 4 prong Molex plugs, and the micro Floppy connectors.

    None of these match or mate with that Heater plug. So for those who have used the heater, how did you get it to connect??????

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    the plug is into the prommy, not your computer. if you can't find it inside your prommy case (or it doesn't reach, or you dont want it to) it's just 12v so you can chop off that two-pin and replace it with a molex.

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    Found an adapter at kit-tronics

    Turns out the Mach 2 plugs into the unit itself, the mach one you either cut the wire or buy an adapter.

    Got the adapter and some more seal string for 18 bucks, then had to pay fricking 18 bucks for shipping

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