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    Acer al2426 and mouse problem

    I bought the Acer AL2416W 24" monitor last week. I have a problem where my mouse runs as if using mouse acceleration althought its not turned on. I tried uninstalling drivers and all of the logitech software and reinstalling without luck. I also tried two different mice. Currently im running the G5 but ive also tried the G7 and 510, all of them have this same issue.

    So I switched out this monitor for another smaller lcd and the problem disappeared. So basically I narrowed the problem down to monitor. This makes no sense to me, why would the monitor give me such a mouse delay? I would imagine that its the MS timing on it and according the manufacturer its 8ms timing and reviews ive looked at also show the ms as 8 along with great scores on ghosting tests.

    Im running the monitor at its native 1920x1200 resolution and dvi input, i attempted to switch to analog input but that didnt fix the problem. The last step was to reformat windows, i doubt this was necessary but it was worth a try. That didnt work. I've checked the acer site and have done site searches and google searched but cant find anything.

    If anyone could help me out with this i would be extremely happy.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I just ordered this same monitor from newegg and it shipped out today. Of all the reviews I've read on this LCD, I have never read about this problem. I hope not to have the same problem but I do hope you find an answer to it.

    I'll keep my eye's open and post back here if I find anything relevant.

    btw, is this a wireless mouse your using? If so, have you tried one with cord?

    Just an idea

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    this sound like more of a mouse driver issue than the display.

    Try uninstalling the mouse drivers and installing the latest ones from Logitech.

    And don't forget to restart after uninstalling.
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