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    Need some advice

    Hey, I'm new to the forums. Been following hardware for a couple of years now but never had the money/time to make it a hobby. I have some cash now to build something to OC with, play with server OSes and fold now. I'm considering two deals.. both about $250 canadian. Let me know which one you think is for an OC beginner. I know all mobos get testy at times..

    AMD Athlon Sempron 2800+ - full retail package.
    MSI NEO Platinum - NF3 250GB chipset
    512mb pc3200 ram. (generic)
    80gb sata hdd. (WD)
    ATI 9100 64mb agp video card.

    ABIT NV8 Motherboard Athlon/Sempron 64 754 PCI-E
    Sempron 64 2600+ Palermo Rev. E6
    2x 512Mb Samsung PC3200
    Sapphire X1300 "Enhanced" (450/700) 256Mb PCI-E

    I know the second package is missing an hdd, but i figured i'd just sell off a dimm of the samsung to pay for a used hdd. Remember.. just some folding.. OCing and server play.

    Thanks.. look forward to posting more

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    The 2nd. Please.

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