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    Budget case and PSU

    I am building a computer for my friend with a budget of $550. He needs everything except for CD drives. He wants an Intel 805 dual core and a decent video card. I'll provide him with a gig of ram. He wants to OC the cpu as much as possible. I need a cheap case that will be solid, and a PSU that is cheap, yet able to provide enoguh juice to provide a stable overclock of the 805 of maybe 3 ghz. They could be separate or come together, but they must be cheap because he still needs to buy a hd and a video card.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    whats cheap?

    i think the Antec Sonata II is a great case/psu combo for ~$100

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    Cheap is as litle money as possible, yet still remaining usable and durable.

    I was thinknig of the Sonata II, but I was looking for something of close to the same quality is the PSU deparment, but not neccessarily of the smae quality in teh case. I don't want a flimsy case, but I am not too worried about its overall quality.

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    As for the case I don't think I've seen any lower price than this:

    And for a power supply:
    Or One 12V rail:
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    Here's a budget case and PSU combo. The PSU is 350 watts but should be ample enough for most applications, especially budget.
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    i would get the svc case posted above, along with the PSU i have in my signature

    it's from newegg, fortron 300watt, 120mm fan, ONE 12v rail
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    The 350W Antec with case for $25 after rebate. Fry's has it for that price for another 45 minutes.

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