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    It's the apocalypse!

    I have some good news and bad news (although it's all bad news if you're in my way ). The good news is that I've made it to page 5! The bad news... Well, I think I might be the anti-christ. Just take a look at my PPD
    "Recent studies show that guys who fold for team32 get more girls." - sno.lcn

    Intel i7-4770 Haswell @ 3.4 Ghz
    ASUS Z87-A
    8GB G.Skill DDR3-1333 @ 8-8-8-21
    60GB Boot SSD + 3x1TB WD 7200RPM in RAID 5
    ASUS Geforce GTX660 2GB

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    lol, not good man. You better increase production, borg, or buy decide quick while there is time.

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    We need an old priest and a young priest.
    In other words, look for shiny books.-Frodo Baggins
    OK Oni...I've told ya about rubbing David before. Keep it private, eh?-LutaWicasa
    I just caught myself putting my credit card into the DVD drive of my computer ... -ghettocomp
    LOL if I was sapphire I would leave ruby on there and take her shirt off instead...-Rattle
    What do you most want to accomplish with your life? Ban SilverSinkSam-cw823
    Ooo. that 1 comes with a mouse!-WarriorII
    last friday I got back from annual training and downloaded my duffelbags to my house.-SuperFarStucker
    Thank goodness the downtime was not any longer I almost got myself a life-UnseenMenace
    I live in a steel reinforced cave/bunker so unless he is on my list of bad guys to kill, I don't pay too much attention to politics.-TommyHolly

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    Don't worry, the next wu you complete(even an EUE) will end your terrible reign as the antichrist!

    ihrsetrdr aka Tim

    Main Desktop: Asrock 79 ext4 | Intel Xeon E2650 | 16GB DDR3 1600 | Fedora 25 Workstation
    Folding rig: GA-78LMT-S2 | Phenom II X4 965 | GTX 970 | 4GB DDR3 | Windows 7 Pro

    Be strong when you are weak, brave when you are scared, and humble when you are victorious.
    - Unknown

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    As long as you don't resemble the kid from The Omen then you should be ok.

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    Was that screenie from Jun 6 (6-6-6)
    Main Rigs
    Developement -Phen2 1090T on Asus 870
    Fun -Callisto 555BE, Asus 990FX Sabortooth,ATI HD3870
    CDs, Labels, Printing etc- 5000BBE, GA790FX, Wintec 800 4G.HD2600XT
    Rendering Server- 4x Barcelona 8347s. Tyan S4980 Quad, 16G (2G Kingston per socket).
    Folding, Testing- Vista, Regor 265 X2 on Asus 880,
    dead- Phen2-940
    AM2, DFI790FX-M2R,Corsair-PC6400 CL4
    Theme Park Builder 3D The Game- Build-em and Ride-em.

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    I knew there was something about you that seemed kinda off soichiro.

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