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    programs to optimize my pc

    hi everybody.

    i didn´t reinstall windows xp in long time and now i´m starting to play games and the system doesn´t like it used to.

    is there any program that can help me fix and "clean" windows xp without having to do all the process of installing windows again???

    i already use ad-aware, spybot, kaspersky anti-virus, diskeeper defragmenter, regsupreme pro, and spy sweeper.

    i heard that some system optimizers will work, but i don´t know anything of this.

    thank you in advance!!!!
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    eh i useually suggest reinstalling windows 2-3 times per year for maximum performance..

    but try running a registry cleaner, full defrag of all hard drives, clean out old programs, run antivirus/adware/spyware cleaner and it should help a little but not that much.
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    The Windows registry will clutter over time, no matter what you do to maintain it. It appears that you've been keeping your system relatively clean with the programs that you listed above. Besides shutting down unnecessary services and watching how many processes you have running, you may just have to bite the bullet and reformat.

    If you do reformat, partition the hard drive, giving Windows about 15-20GB. Put install related files on the Windows partition, and everything else on the other partition. It'll make things easier when reformat time comes around again.
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    if you want, try doing a repair install of windows. That will likely clean up some issues you have, but not all of them.

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    do you know what do i have to do in the begginig to reinstall windows???

    i remember something about putting a silicon image dos disk or something like this......

    i need just a few instructions of how to do it safe....

    thank you!!!
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    CCleaner (google it) and Tweak-XP 4 (totalidea software- you can d/l a 30-use trial which should be more than you need) are pretty decent programs for cleaning things up on an XP machine. Tweak-XP gives you some interesting options for optimizing your system that are usually buried in the registry.
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