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    intel 2.4C with samsung UCCC oc

    i've been trying to solve this problem for a few weeks but still no success

    i'm using a 2.4c with a msi neo2-pls 865PE mobo with 2 x 1GB of corsair samsung uccc rams

    now is kinda stuck at 254 x 12 which is pretty low oc, 2.5v(lowest possible) to the rams now

    tried feeding 2.7v to the uccc but it gives me errors in memtest86 instead

    the rams are capable of running at 270+ fsb on a NF4 mobo but cant do so on the 865pe board
    is there any way to make it run at 270fsb on the old 865pe ?
    or is there some kind of a conflict?

    cant find much info cos most ppl are using their uccc with the A64
    only 254fsb @ 2.5v pass memtest, basically any other settings and it shows errors

    would really need some guidance

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    Are you certain it is not the limit of the CPU, most did 3GHz however there was the odd 2.4C that never made it there and above stable.
    If you think the CPU can do more, try using just one memory stick and see how far it will go, you should get a little higher.
    One stick is likely to be better than the other. Give both of them a go each on their own, and see if you can push it some more with the best one.
    Other than that I can only suggest tinkering with the chipset settings in the BIOS, add max AGP/NB voltage usually helps, try mixing up the other timing settings that might be on hand for your particular motherboard.
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    Loosen the timings and add more chipset voltage. Remember that on the A64 you're dealing with an on chip memory controller and with Pentium 4s you're at the mercy of the chipset. Some chipsets can run very high FSB. Others are horrible overclockers. Right now you're running a 1000MHz FSB (quadpumped speed). To my knowledge, the 865 will run about that.

    You can try dividers to boost the speed of the memory over that of the FSB and gain more bandwidth.
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    This was a well known problem with i865/i875 boards and certain types of RAM. It most commonly occured on Winbond CH5 sticks (hence the atttraction at the time of BH5 over CH5). Common symptoms were a complete brick wall at 255MHz FSB no matter what memory voltage or dividers are used. Either the system posts and errors out or all you get are beeps. The same happens on my IC7 when CH5 memory is used, yet with BH5 all is well. Unfortunately there is no fix, all you could ever do was try different memory types.

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