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    Installing x800gto ... HELP !!

    I've installed a new x800gto agp to replace my geforce 5700le.

    I've removed the geforce drivers, used driver cleaner then physically installed the new card.

    On booting into windows xp pro sp2 the 'New Hardware' wizard opens but then says it can't install because the software can't be found.

    Tried with the installation disc in & downloaded latest from ATI , still the same.

    Running the ati install program on the disc stops with a message
    'Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup a standard vga driver before running setup'

    It Seems Windows just can't recognise the x800.

    Any ideas anyone ??

    Hopefully its something simple I've missed.

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    I've had this happen when I tried to install drivers before rebooting.

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    I had the exact same issue with a X800Pro. I had to actually reinstall windows. What happened was wen I ran the drive cleaner (same as you did) it actually deleted the Windows VGA registry entries. Since I don't care to mess round with the registry and I love to do it anyway, I reinstalled windows. Then, all was good.
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    cant you select what you want to delete with drivercleaner? u accidentally deleted registry entries? i've never had this problem
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