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    Using Nocona + Irwindale on same board possible?

    I have a NCCH-DL Asus board currently using a single Nocona 3.4. Finding another Nocona thru trusted places has become impossible. Is it possible to put an Irwindale, or would I need to switch the other to Irwindale as well?


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    I'm pretty sure that both procs have to be the same, atleast that is what my motherboard manual says...

    I just did a quick search, and I can't seem to find Nocona's anymore...

    Edit: Found one, but I think the price is a little high...$425...I have dual Nocona 2.8@3.6. Lol, wasn't going to pay 400-600 for procs that I can get for 212 and just o/c them.
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    They need to be the same.

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    yup, sometimes they have issues with different steppings.

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