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    KVM Switch that uses a non Scroll Lock Key Code to switch...anyone?

    I need to switch between 2 computers, but I'm trying to use a barcode scanner to do it, and it can't create the scroll lock command.

    Anyone know of something that doesn't use scroll lock or is programmable?


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    Why not just get one that also has a manual switch button to switch between terminals. I have a 4 port one that I got from Best Buy, it's a Linkskey, and has a manual button to switch as well as a hotkey.
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    Same with the D-Link DKVM-2U (USB model)...scroll lock switching or a manual push button.

    BTW, no software or drivers needed for that one either.

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    Ohh I know, this one has a button too, but we want to automate it for our manufacturing staff to just use the "wand".

    It may be impossible, I fear.


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    I have an old IoGear GCS84A KVM switch that uses a double tap of the control key to switch (left ctrl key moves left down the line, right moves right). I don't believe they make them anymore, but possibly you could find an old one on ebay?
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