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    Question Asus Cuv4x, BSEL mod doesn't work to set cpu fsb default as 133!

    Hi, i'm italian user, and sorry for english, i saw that is one of the best site on info for tualatin, i konw that is an old board, but as reserve, i putted on it a celeron 1,2 ghz + Lin lin adapter, than i configured the lin lin, to see the cpu as 133 mhz bu the board see it ever as 12x100,
    than i cut the Bsel1 grom adaptors and not success, i also cutted BSEL0 for security, and ever no success the cpu is ever recognized as 12x100..

    why i want to recognize the cpu as 12x133?
    becouse the cuv4x is a crap and stupid logic:
    - cold boot problem
    - probelm to use in overclock cpu at 100 mhz over 124 mhz
    - problems with pci dividiers with 100 mhz cpu

    my celeron 1,2 ghz is a tb1, and with the cuv4x when i set it to 133 no importance the voltage, it stops 8\10 at the recognize of ide drives, and the other 2\10 times, it has gone also with 1,6 - 1,7 - 1,75 - 1,8

    i tried to boot with jumpers at 133 directly with no success, the cpu can manage 1600 the problem is the board and his crappy logic...

    than how i can do to recognize the cpu as 12x133?

    as i said the cut of the two bsel mod on the adpators are made, what influences now to say that is 12x100 and not 12x133?

    Thanks a lot

    P.s i used this link for bsel mod
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    no people help me?

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