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    Network help plz

    I've got two computers I need to network together and connect to the internet seperately with only these items: 1 wireless G modem/router w/ 1 ethernet port and 1 USB port, a bazillion ethernet cables, a bazillion USB cables (double sided and ones with the funky square connector thats on the modem and my printers), 3 extra PCI ethernet cards (both computers have ethernet built in as well), 1 wireless G PCI card (thats staying in the computer its in right now tho) ,and 1 Linksys wireless G acess point thats made for consoles (I don't kno if its made for computers too, but it hooks through ethernet). I was thinking that I could just make the computer with the wireless card fully wireless and have the other connect to the modem by USB and link them together by ethernet (or if the acess point works, just make them both wireless). I dont know if that acess point will work (as stated before) but if anyone has any other ideas feel free to post.


    PS. both systems are right next to each other and the modem is on the same desk.

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    you could go buy a cheap ethernet switch. that way you can connect more computers if you need to. im not sure if your modem/router will allow you to network the comptuers between the usb and ethernet. but it should between the wireless and ethernet. but the switch should work for sure.

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