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Thread: Random Reboots

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    Random Reboots

    Hi, I'm new to the forums here & have been reading lots of good useful information. I've got a small problem with my new system. This is my first built system. Periodically I get random reboots. I used to get the blue screen, but I swapped motherboards, now it reboots. Could it be the Power Supply? I've also noticed that this mother board won't let me over clock at all, it gets really unstable.

    When I run the computer the idle temp is between 26-30C With the Vcore at 1.23v.

    Here are my specs,

    Intel Pentium D 930
    ECS P4M800PRO-M
    Kingston 2GB PC4200 Dual Channel Memory
    80GB W.D. & 300GB Maxtor Hard Drives
    Samsung DVD Burner
    250Mb Zip Drive
    Nvidia GeForce 5200
    Cooler Master Extreme Power RS-430
    Cooler Master Centurion 5 Case
    Firewire Add-on card
    Pinnacle PCTV Pro Tuner Card
    D-Link Wireless Card

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    At first glance all I see is ECS...ive had about 3 ECS boards and every single one was a POS. When you were getting blue screens what was the stop code it was giving you?

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    I was getting 0x0000009C... most of the time. I once got one that was 0x0000004C I think. Could it be the its just that I have a POS board? if so I'll get something better.

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    Check those out and see if either tell you anything.

    I would never suggest anyone ever buy an ECS board...but take it for what its worth...just my oppinion.

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