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    AM2 boards picky about memory?

    After reading reviews on a bunch of the AM2 MB's on newegg's site, it seems as if a lot of them are having issues with RAM. Most notably the OCZ memory. People are talking about lowering the voltages in their BIOS and are running 800 memory at 667 just for stability. Anyone have any info on this situation or know if there is anything in the works to sort it out? Or know of any good working combos??? I am putting a new machine together next month and with 939 being phased out and DDR2 being appealing, I was going to put together an AM2 system. But I don't like all the hiccups.

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    that's the problem with new stuff, it needs some time to get rid of the bugs.

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    From what I read from the Reviews on Newegg, it seems that its mostly Asus and MSI boards having trouble with OCZ Ram(though there have been reports of trouble with PQI, dont believe I read any complaints about Corsair Ram yet, actualy I heard Corsair work quite well). Believe its something to do with the voltages, so make sure that the motherboard supports the RAM's voltage settings and all. Atleast, thats the way it seems to me.

    Mmm... from the reviews, it sounds like some Ram will automaticly downclock for Semprons if it is DDR2 800.

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    New York motherboard (M2N-E) I just bought can't give a voltage of 2.1V or higher, which is what OCZ needs. If you set it in the bios its actually 1.95 (or thats what I heard)..corsair need 1.9v so its perfect for it.
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    I think the majority of the problems with the OCZ RAM, at least on the M2N32-SLi Deluxe, is the faster RAM (DDR 800 and up). I am having absolutely no problems with the OCZ Gold DDR 667 2 x 1GB set.
    From all the reviews I have read and compatibility charts, Corsair seems to put out the most consistent product for this board.

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