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    Best Search Engine

    Ok, i am getting kind of sick of Google showing me hits that are not all that useful, either for schoolwork or for fun. Anyone know of a VERY powerful search engine or a combination of engines that they use. I know that the advice given here will be credible. Thanks in advance.

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    Problem with you is probably the fact you dont know to pick out Keywords from the subject you are searching for.

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    If your loooking for power google "Google commands" that will give you pretty much every thing you want .
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    and another vote for
    Just know what to type. If you cant see the thing on the first page, then try with different keywords.
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    for homeworks, u can try, witch is a really good website

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    If this is for school, wikipedia is good but those peer reviewed sources from the library databases are the best. You can't get that stuff online unless you pay for it. For instance, you can use Thompson Financial at the library, at least the one on the corner of SJSU(which is public) that will give you the last 100 years of a companies fiscial numbers. You can't get that on yahoo, morningstar, etrade, etc.

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    Honestly Google. There are others such as but once you learn how to properly use google you can find almost anything you want and fast. Oh and I also vote for wikipedia, great little site.
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    I like yahoo

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    I like dmoz.. the open directory, edited by humans rather than using trawling bots
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    so far nothing tops google, it's not perfect by a long shot but it's as close as we got now

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    For regular searches, I am a fan of Altavista, and for searches of programming source code, I am a fan of Koders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnseenMenace
    I like dmoz.. the open directory, edited by humans rather than using trawling bots
    That is a very handy site at times.

    I agree with most of the others about Google, it is really sweet when you know what to type, which is sometimes easier said than done.

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    I still like google. is another cool one. It searches 37 search engines, google being one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnseenMenace
    I like dmoz.. the open directory, edited by humans rather than using trawling bots
    Dmoz is not a search engine... and they are fairly **** about who gets in. If you have ever read their forum you will understand where Im coming from. I refuse to go there anymore because all they have to say are smug remarks about submit, wait, and wait some more... Never question athority..

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnseenMenace
    I like dmoz.. the open directory, edited by humans rather than using trawling bots
    its a good idea but their partnered w/ aol.... ill pass

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    I use, and when google can't find what I am looking for.
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    Google. It's just the best I've ever used. With the judicious use of (any combination of) - (not), OR, and quotes for full-string search, almost everything I've searched, I found what I was looking for. It really does come down to what keywords you use, and yeah, sometimes the keywords you needed to use are opaque.

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    I Love Altivista and Mozilla Firefox
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeezleXX89
    I Love Altivista and Mozilla Firefox
    Er, Firefox isn't a search engine, and I think you mean Altavista. Yes, Altavista is pretty good, but thinking about it, I like Dogpile better. It checks results in more than one search engine, so it's like using five search engines at the same time with one click.

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