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    pc will do nothing

    mabe you can help me with this weird problem i build my son a comp and it has this parts in it 3000+ 939 asrock mobo with agp pcie 512 kingston ram and a 350w psu and 6600gt pcie vid i have build it and now it dos nothing at al no sound or wath so ever.its also weird (i think) that the mobo not has 24p power connector it has only 20 but my mobo also 939 has it well can you help me please and does 939 socket always need 24p power connector?

    with many thanxs vini

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    To answer a few of your questions. No Socket 939 doesnt need a 24 pin connector because I have a mobo that only uses a 20 pin, however it really depends on your specific mobo whether it "needs" the 24 pin connector. But it looks like to me that thats the problem. Try ordering a 20-24pin power converter cable off the internet. Im sure a place like NewEgg or something will have something like that.
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    so i have sold the problem with this sucker it was the mobo that came to the case with some pins i have mounted good now and it rocks

    tnxs for replaying anyway

    greets vini

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