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    The Leafblower 508GE

    The silver is all plastic, and basically pops right off. That leaves me with some holes in the top (all blocked by the actual frame itself) and some holes punched through the front. My normal temp is basically 50*C for everything when idle, at least as far as speedfan cares. Gets up to about 64C maxed out.

    The big fan in the first picture is held away from the vent so the internal fan can still work by 2 phone cord extenders i taped on, and all the fans are taped on with scotch tape. Frighteningly this has actually worked, internal remote local and HD0 are all cooler, although the CPU still idles at 51-52C. The whole thing is fairly quiet when idling but if i stress the comp it sounds somewhat similar to a leafblower, hence the name.

    That's not the REAL name of the mod, if your that interested ask Yuriman and he'll tell you (probably in great detail) what i probably call this and where that name came from. Ironically this comps name is "Chaos Overwhelming". The other crime against god and man is "tinkerbell" but that's what I get for letting my mother name one.


    Aaaand it works. Sorta. Everything is cooler except the CPU, which still maxes out at 64-65C.
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