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    Question Electroluminescent cable question

    I picked up a 6' length of the blue variety and now it's glued to the bottom of my case to provide underlighting. The length worked out well, but I have a question.

    If I were to cut the stuff into pieces, how would I reattach the power wires? The stuff I have has a transition from two wires to a single one, and I can't clearly see what's soldered to what.

    Any pointers?

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    Without seeing it that is hard to answer. Your best bet is to get a meter and test the connections for continuity. You should be able to figure out which wire is which.
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    I've seen something similar to what your using called GloWirez. You can pick it up at

    Its probably the same stuff. I'm sure you could re-connect them, but you might want to talk to the manufactuer about it.
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    I'm going to get a piece of that stuff this weekend and I will look at it and let you know.

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