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    snmp newbie help

    I've been trying to figure out how I can start monitoring some HP Procurve switches with snmp, but atleast initially it seems quite confusing...

    If I've understood correctly, the snmp data is held in mibs which can be queried? Also I understood that some values are specified by default in an rfc, and others can be manufacturer / device specific?

    I went to HP's site, and found a package with all of their procurve products mib's. The problem is, that there is really nothing saying what data can be found from what file (and there is alot of them)... Also they mention that the mibs in the package should be loaded into some application? I understood the values would be stored in the switch and queried? Or is this used by some application with snmp traps?

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    i have a disc i have never used... its software for hp pro curve switches

    its called HP top tools,

    the CD is VERY old, it was at the company before i ever worked here...

    on the back it says to go to

    you might be able to download it... top tools is what your looking for

    this could be wrong as like i said this CD is old!! most prob out of date

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