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    Proposal for DC Teams

    guys, i've had an idea that might help organize the forums a bit better.

    My proposal?

    (hear me out, please)

    Abolish Folding/SETI/Other DC as stand-alone sections. Instead, incorporate them as subsections as a Forum named "Distributed Computing Projects" (or something similar). That way, we would have a forum to discuss not only distributed computing as a group, and hopefully, exchange ideas (like how to best overclock for points-per-day, no matter WHAT project you are on).... but we can also access our favorite sections there as well.

    Not only would this neaten up the Forums slightly, But i feel it may help the exchange of Ideas, and may even bring in more people to ALL the teams, if they can see we are able to work together amicably to promote more ability to Fold/Crunch/Whatever.

    What do you think? Should we consider asking for this? Or will it never fly?

    Please keep flamage to a minimum and go to the link below to vote yay or nay!

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    No, I think it would fracture both the Folding and Seti teams, IMO.

    And tick off a bunch of members.

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    I'm with mudd on this one.
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    I like the way it is just now.

    SETI and Folding are the main two DC teams (Overclockers Forums do well in both) and as such deserve their own main forums. Other DC teams provides a forum for discussing smaller projects (although equally useful in many cases) or DC projects that OCF does not have much interest in in general (yet).
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    Personally, I am not a big fan of fixing stuff that is not broken...

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    Sounds like a topic for the Blue room.

    I agree with everyone on this and am like "this close" to being offended.

    but I'm in a "mood" so I appoligze for that Frank.

    A point I see in your thought, is more Teams working together and collaborating for more exposure, from under one roof.

    But it ain't broke.

    Have Other DC projects / SETI / FAH do articles for the front page for more exposure.
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    Don't think it's necessary; the DC team forums are good individually right now.

    If there's a need, though...perhaps it could be discussed further.
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    I'm with WarriorII. This proposal would not be positive nor productive for the teams that participate in the OCForums.
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    there's just way too many posts going on in either forum to even get a clean merge....I would think, plus everything else everyone else has said
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    It's good the way it is.

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    Join SETI, we have altruistic intentions!

    No, join Folding, our altruistic intentions are better than theirs!


    I've seen that happen as it is now, combining them will only serve to exacerbate that.
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    Choosing between two evils, I might pick the one I've never tried before.
    I right there with you all, it is fine the way it is.
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    It is fine like it is.

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    already voted , but i'll add my ditto ... leave it alone.
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    Hmm.... oh well... it was worth the proposal, at least.

    Hope you all don't think I was trying to hurt either team. I'm just looking for ways to help ALL the OCForums DC Teams. I guess things is the way they is.

    Thanks for not tryign to tear me a new one, though.

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