View Poll Results: How often do you change cases?

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  • after 1 year

    97 12.42%
  • after 2 years

    134 17.16%
  • after 3 years

    117 14.98%
  • Over 3 years

    328 42.00%
  • less than 1 year

    44 5.63%
  • Every time a new standard comes out

    42 5.38%
  • I own a laptop

    25 3.20%
  • I change my case more often than I change underwear

    43 5.51%
  • Eobard eats catnip

    64 8.19%
  • Oni is a ninja

    102 13.06%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Sep 2006
    New cases are shiny..
    I'm a sucker for pretty things.

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    I've only changed cases 4 times

    1. When I went from the horrible Packard Bell case to a smaller Antec back in 1997
    2. When my brother gave me a new case with 120mm blowholes cut into it in 2001
    3. When I decided to buy a used Antec 3700AMB because it would be smaller, lighter, and would cool better with some mods, plus it was recommended by SPCR for being a cooler case
    4. When switching to an Antec P180 - I got it solely for the thicker panels to help keep in sound and the indirect air intakes in the front that had a higher quality plastic than the front of the 3700AMB, giving less of an "echo" noise when the air gets pulled in. Frankly, my 3700AMB cooled great and despite the constant touting of the P180 being an awesome case for cooling, I saw no improvement. Like the pads isolating the panels and PSU from the case though; should have included some isolators like with the Sonata II. Then again, other than the isolators, all of Antecs new designs make the Sonata series, touted as being quiet/silent look like crap anyway.

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    In Your MiNd
    just changed cases ,

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    VT... or MD
    Still using my old PC65-B from lian li.
    The first case i had was replaced somewhat quickly (6-9 months) but i suspect that was because it didnt suit my needs.

    So long as it works for me, and swaping out parts isnt a pain in the ass when they give up the ghost, i think i'd one of the 'over 3 years' type.
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    Never.......if I have a spare case a full build soon follows it.

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    Apr 2006
    Unfortunately, my p180 is only 2 months old, but i want a lighter case with a window... so time to switch
    BTW: what does oni is a ninja mean?

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    Only just swapped from a Xaser 3 to a armour after 3 years.The main reason was space and I wanted 120mm fans for cooling as a standard fit.

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    Choosing between two evils, I might pick the one I've never tried before.
    The only way I change Cases is when i find a new Closet to nail the Mobo's to the wall in Other than that, I only change cases if the motherboard will not mount in the case, even with a little ghetto rigging.
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    Once Im working again and maybe sell my hotrod I can build several from now till the cows come home or till 40k lasts. Naw I Love my hotrod too much.

    So about every 4 years or as technology advances.
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    I find that i just get tired of seeing that same ole case about once a year and decide to upgrade/change. Same thing as redecorating rooms of our house i guess, drives my husband crazy hehe

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    I'd say every 3-4 years or until I've modded mine so much that it is about to fall apart.
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    I voted for "more often than i change my underwear" and "over 3 years" because technically I've been using the same case for like 3-4 years and don't ever plan on getting rid of it. It's an old AT server case that I had wanted since something like 1999 and I finally got ahold of it 3-4 years ago. I did a ghetto at to atx conversion and have been moding it since.
    However I have been changing cases every other day since I decided that I was going to add in more internal HDD bays (i'm a hdd whor* --- 1.7TB/7 HDDs....and they are almost filled ). I started on it and then decided that while i was working on it, why not mod it so i can finally have an IO plate lol. Well that turned into "why not rip the mobo tray out and put an atx one in"...
    So I didn't get it finished and had to use the extra Antec case I had laying around...I sold that one a couple of months ago and borrowed a buddies for about a month. Needless to say, I'm now at the point where, instead of rushing it just so i can use it again, I've decided that I'm going to pick up a new case that will suit my needs and do the thing right (as the case means a lot to me and I'd rather sacrifice using it for a few months than rushing it)

    Sorry for boring you with my ub3r long blabber.

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    I think once you find a case you really enjoy your going to keep it for a long time.

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    Basically, I only change cases if the old case is too old to be reused in my next build, I plan on keeping the old build (and case) when making a new one, or the old case is no longer suitable to my needs (because nobody wants to carry a 60 pound computer up into their dorm room when they switch schools )
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    only when i have to! an atx case is an atx case. i switched when i moved from AT to ATX and once to my newest one (~2 years ago) because I kicked the grill out of my old one (plus it was beige).
    Gave up messing with computers for a bit. It's just my Macbook and my iPhone. :)


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    A case lasts less than week, unless my friends are over then it's gone in a night!

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    Once i bought the Lian-Li PC71 black. I will rest in peace with it

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    I have purchased new cases , well used cases over the years and I still come back to my pride and joy , Inwin Q500 . It has seen more than 10 dirrerent mobo's and currently houses my 939 system , I have a LianLi , Chenbro (old Forums box) a few $30-$40 cases , and a few rackmounts . None of the cases have near the airflow of my Inwin , even the Lian Li with 2 x 120's and 1 x 80 .
    I bought this case as my very first build over 5 years ago , and its still teh best one I own . After I bought it I found some replacement front bezel complete . so I can change from black to white in 2-3 minutes . This Inwin can be used as a chair without question , sturdy as all get out , I have used it as a step stool on more than one occasion .At the time I weight 200lbs ( just a tad more now )

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    waiting for my stacker to arrive.. 90 shipped... most I have ever paid for a case, and one of these days when im not too lazy i will build another custom one that works better then my last one.

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