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  • after 1 year

    97 12.42%
  • after 2 years

    134 17.16%
  • after 3 years

    117 14.98%
  • Over 3 years

    328 42.00%
  • less than 1 year

    44 5.63%
  • Every time a new standard comes out

    42 5.38%
  • I own a laptop

    25 3.20%
  • I change my case more often than I change underwear

    43 5.51%
  • Eobard eats catnip

    64 8.19%
  • Oni is a ninja

    102 13.06%
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    Registered matva's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    my case upgrades:
    x superalien --> sonata II --> p150. thats all within 3 yrs. i will upgrade again as soon as something better comes out that maximizes airflow so i can run with as few fans as possible.

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    I generally keep my old cases forever it seems like, but in the last year I've ended up buying 2 cases. The first was a new Coolermaster Praetorian RC730 (replaced a dumpster diving special) and the second was a used Silverstone TJ06B, which i got for $80 delivered from another forum's Trading Post. I just retired my old 1997 era generic full tower case I bought back with my first ATX system build (replaced with the TJ06). All my other cases have decided to become folding farm machines. I do have one old piece of junk $25 case that I want to replace in the next year or so as it's made of thin guage weak steel, narrow and doesn't have real good ventilation.

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    I had my only case since day one. Its a Cheiftech SOHO Mid Tower moded for W/Cing. Removed both front HD cages, and put two 120mm fans up front. Its seen so many mobo changes. Snice my first Tbird 1300 and KT266A Shuttle board
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    I have used the same Antec\Chenming\Cheiftec SOHO\1040\Dragon case for the last 4-5 years in my main machine. These cases are classics, solid, functional design, and they have been rebranded, revamped, and sold under many different names. I think when I got mine, it was the same case that Alienware used.

    Fact is though, when you see one, or a derivative, you'll recognize it. I really wonder who is the actual manufacturer of these cases, is it Chenming?

    I got mine in high school as a Chieftec Dragon in metallic blue, to upgrade to cheap Inwin small/mid tower I had before that had fan holes cut in it, and was spraypainted gold/silver without any prep (man was that an ugly case when I got through with it). Mostly though I hated the lack of space.

    The only thing really wrong with it is that the paint has 4 years worth of scratches on it, one time I even dropped the case off a trolley as I was moving out of school and it is very slightly dented.

    I have modded it a little bit, I changed the side fan grill out for one that is much less restrictive, and I added side USB ports using one of those USB brackets.

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    I've been on my current case (a blue Chieftec Dragon) for 4 years (I bought it when I was a freshman), and now that I'm halfway through my senior year, I thought I'd reward myself. I just (today!) picked up that blue CM stacker that SVC has on sale for $80. I've been eying that case for months, and I have the funds, so why not?
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    My first question of course would be "why do you want to change cases often"? I have never had to change cases because I have always been able to modify what I had for what I needed. I am assuming you are asking this question for some type of aesthetic reason?

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    Member JP.MIGRAINE's Avatar
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    I have had my Chieftec Dragon Silver case for about 4yrs now , as long as all my upgrades fit i dont need to change. would like to get a clear side panel with a fan for it though. it keeps everything cool and has alot of room so i am happy with it .

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    I finally got case with all of the space that will need, no need for upgrades any more for me. Moutain mods u2 ufo case

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    Member leojharris's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neur0mancer
    waiting for my stacker to arrive.. 90 shipped... most I have ever paid for a case, and one of these days when im not too lazy i will build another custom one that works better then my last one.
    is that the stacker 830? couldn't be with that price ...

    man! the 830 looks like a great case.

    i'm currently using an armor and quite like it ... but would love to be able to fully cover the front external drive bay's ... led's are quite bright on the fan controller.

    otherwise ... unless i was making tons of money ... i wouldn't upgrade my case but every three years or so.

    i'll be using the armor for some time i think; very good temps with the side panel fan and basically the whole thing is perforated.


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    I've actually been using the same case since my 2.53ghz northwood build a few years ago. Just never got around to buying a new case I guess, but it's long overdue. I just haven't been able to find the right one yet I guess

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    WT Uberclox0r (Clanger)(DOA)'s Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikhsub1


    Put that away. I cant take my eyes off it. soo pretty
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    Member princox's Avatar
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    ^ that thing is sooo colorful!!

    Yeah, i've been using my antec dragon black case for almost 5 yrs now w/ 4 different overhauls... all through college, and now after college...

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    New Member
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    Walterboro, South Carolina
    I've been using some generic beige case for about 8 months. Sucks pretty bad but by the end of the weekend i'll have a new one on it's way. i really don't change cases all that much.

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    Only when necessary. Sometimes less often than that.

    I've bought 3 cases. All are pieces of c**p. 1 each for 3 computers.

    1st one (upgrade for an HP pavilion) because I needed another external drive bay.
    2nd one (upgrade for another HP pavillion) for a computer that I rescued out of a dumpster. It was beige.
    3rd one for a new computer build. I didn't want to do the shoebox thing. Now I wish I had. Would have saved me a lot of grief. CD door broke. Wires on side fan broke (I only removed the panel 200 times ). And then the power switch popped off. It had been causing all sorts of bizarre problems, so in a way it was good thing it finally self destructed. Don't know what happened to the other CD door ...

    Next case will likely be custom, and probably soon. I'm getting tired of crossing two wires together to turn my new computer on.

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    It's been 6 years and im sick! Anyway 3+ years wins the vote

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    I would say every 2 years or so.
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    I have gone through a few cases the last few years... but always ended up putting my stuff back into the cheapest case I ever bought (25 shipped from newegg)

    That was of course until I got my stacker

    Quote Originally Posted by leojharris
    is that the stacker 830? couldn't be with that price ...

    man! the 830 looks like a great case.
    Its the STc-t01 thing is HUGE
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    I've had 2 cases over the last 7 years, and I don't plan on changing anytime soon.
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    I went through three..

    The worse one I ever had was the Aspire X-dreamer case.. And nice setup and case you have there looks sweet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neur0mancer
    I have gone through a few cases the last few years... but always ended up putting my stuff back into the cheapest case I ever bought (25 shipped from newegg)

    That was of course until I got my stacker

    Its the STc-t01 thing is HUGE
    you still got a great deal on that case; looks nice. do you use a 250mm side intake fan? i've got the armor with such a fan and it really helped temps overall ...

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