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    I Need some guidence...

    We (my girl and I) both are currently running Intel celeron processors...
    Mine is 1.8/768 ddr 2700/geforce 440 64mb agp...
    Hers is 2.4/768 ddr 2700/geforce 5500 256mb agp...

    she needs another Motherboard (USB and Ethernet not working),
    and wants to swap over to AMD...

    I have been Keeping an eye out for a realy hot deal, and found several...
    But I am lost, as to whitch amd processor to get her...
    without breakin the bank...

    what amd do you recomend for her...
    she plays some games (G.Wars) and wants to play Oblivion and Other RPG's...

    Looking for a best bang for buck budget type set up,
    that will still be a step up for her...
    Neither of us have ever overclocked before...
    so overclocking isnt concidered unless it is supper easy to do, and very stable...

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    Overclocking is super easy to do as long as your doing it with a single core chip and you don't necessarily need to get every last bit of performance out of it. If you want bang for the buck gaming get a single pci-e slot 939 motherboard, a 3700+ San Diego processor, the cheapest 2gb dual channel ram set you can find, and a Connect3D x1900xt from newegg. When you get it all put together go into the bios and turn ram frequency to 180. Then go to the cpu settings section and change the HT multiplier to x4 and the cpu frequency to 220. This will give you a $99 cpu at 2420mhz which is almost perfect for the games you want to use it for and it's low enough of an overclock that you shouldn't even need to test for stability. The connect3D x1900xt is on sale at newegg right now for $100 off with a mail in rebate and is a great card even at regular price. This is pretty much identical to what I use and I play Oblivion on it all the time with almost every setting at maximum with HDR enabled at a resolution of 1280x960. You could probably turn the res up further without problems but it's perfect for me. If you have any overclocking problems you can always come back to the forums and ask. Good luck.
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    Best bang for the buck. PQI ram. I use it on 2 boards and it OCs with no voltage changes to around 220-225. You could go with the 3800 which everyone seems to hit better than 220 (HTT/FSB) but the 3700 is faster on games and a super chip. I paid $325 for a 3700 last year
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