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Thread: Just Cause

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    Just Cause

    Has anyone played the demo of this game yet. This game is ****ing bad-ass! This game is going to be super hot when it comes out. I'm playing the demo now and you can steal the chopper from the dude trying to get in it and run a rampage on everyone. This game certainly justifies me buying a much better mouse but I have no idea which is the best for FPS games. Man this game is absolutely the best!

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    Yeah, i read about this game in a computer gaming world mag. Sounds really fun. Dlling the demo now.

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    Thanks Kimo for the headsup D/Ling now(slowly).
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    I think the Demo was ok. It certainly looks good, but I think the controls need to be tweaked. Nonetheless, I think the game will have a little more variety in the missions which is always welcomed.

    Personally I think that Lost Planet is a much more appealing title for the 360.


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