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    where do I hook the card reader into?

    I got this

    and it has 2 wires, that appear to be the same. but darned if I know where to plug them in on the mobo.

    only place I can think of would be the USB connectors. but I dont want to just plug them anywhere and risk it.

    since there are 2, and each is a single row of 5 pins, if it is supposed to go to the USB, should each get its own USB port, or on top of each other(since USB ports are two rows of 5 pins)?

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    I found this's%20Guide.pdf

    which doesn indicate it should hook into a USB receptor on the mobo. but still, Im confused, do the 2 plug into the same one? or 2 seperate receptors?(and which pins of 2 seperate receptors?)

    their instructions stink...

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    I would treat the 2x5 pin adapters as if they were a 10 pin USB adapter and plug them in side by side in the same header. Look at other USB ports to see what color wire to put on what end.

    Here is the online manual.'s%20Manual.pdfr
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