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    If i change just my cpu does that equal = windows freak out!?

    Maybe in a year or so im gonna upgrade my cpu. im wondering if changing ONLY the cpu will make windows freak out?

    by freak i mean

    1. I would have to format/reinstall
    2. Have to reactivate windows again and call them up and give them some lame excuse why i need too.

    this is windows xp media center. and on this computer it was installed by dell.

    have any ideas?

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    Nope, you are good. Windows sees a CPU as one peice of hardware, so no problems there. As I found out last month, if you turn off a load of stuff you dont need in your bios... Windows will make you reactivate. Just my luck, my last install was my last allowed activation too

    If it is true and you dont have to activate Vista Ultra Edition... I am so buying it.
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    moving to ohio once 2012 gets closer
    so i could just pop the old cpu out. put the new cpu in. turn the computer on and everything will be like it is now except faster?

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    Yes it will be fine. CPU's don't have driver files on the HDD in the same sense that video cards and the likes do that need to be uninstalled carefully.

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