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    Free Computer Case after rebate


    ps* its tiger direct but they havent given me any problems.. yet lol
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    I like how the picture of the box is all beat up.

    I used to build a lot of systems with parts sourced from Directron - whenever case boxes arrived looking just like that or better it was almost guaranteed the front bezel was cracked, or something else was smashed.

    Not implying TD is holding on to a pallet of broken cases or anything, but... I like the pic of the box they have.

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    it looks like a nice case for free(if you get the rebate back)

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    $12.12 Shipping
    +$3.85 Tax

    That and TD rebate makes it a no for me. Nice find though.!
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    Im gonna assume they used the best one they had for that picture. Or they just dont care. Either way i dont think ill bank on the rebate anyway.

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    I wonder if they have it at the store near me...I shoudl go look, I like the way that case looks.

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