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    965 chipset or SLI

    What is the big difference between these two? I hear people talking about both but when it comes to the benefits of both I am a bit unsure. I know with the 965 chipset ie P5B deluxe you can get the full potential of overclocking your cpu. And with the SLI you can run dual vid cards for better graphics, but which is the best use for each?

    I know most go for SLI if they are hard core gaming but would not a good chipset plus a super nice vid card work just as well? Many games are graphics dependant but they are also heavily CPU dependant as well.

    And what is the best use for the 965chipset and having the max potential of ocing your cpu? Or is this just to see how high you can go?

    Thanks for any responses!!!

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    Well, you pretty much answered your question, the nVidia chipset does sli which is something the i965 can't do, but it won't overclock as much as the intel chipset. So it's pretty much what is more important to you, faster cpu or faster graphics, but just to let you know my personal opinion, SLI isn't worth it unless your getting two high end cards that the performance of one single high end card can't match.

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    NV does not oc as high around 280mhz fsb IIRC. the best answer to this is 975 with nv modded drivers for sli. 965 can do cf/sli as long as the board has 2 16x slot but i would not recommend wasting cf or sli on such a board. you will be really limited on the 965 as one slot will be 8x then the other 4x. really the min for cf/sli and good numbers is 8x/8x. here again for sli you need modded drivers. the newest drivers from ati allow cf on 965.

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