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    ZalMAN9500_HaCK - Final Temp Results

    test machine
    asus p5B-deluxe motherboard
    core 2 duo 6400 running @ 3.5ghz (stock is 2.13ghz)
    1gig dual channel mushkin extreme ddr2-6400 (stock settings in bios)
    zalman 9500 heatsink (testing two different 120mm fans)

    test fan data

    (in the pics, i have obviously cut and trimmed the man fan motor/hub out of the typically square assembly; this is necessary so you can attach it to the zalman mounting arms)

    global win (aka "stubby")
    model: BP1202512m
    Airflow: 74.5 CFM MAX
    Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
    Speed: 2500 RPM max
    Noise Level: 45 dBA at max

    model: FM121
    Airflow: 110.03CFM MAX
    Dimension - 120 x 120 x 25mm
    Speed - 2400rpm max
    Noise Level: 39.5 dBA at max

    The test

    Test is running two instances of dual prime95 (one for each processor core), for six hours and with the test setting "in-place large FFT's", the setting in dual prime95 that i've found generates the most heat in the shortest amount of time.

    Temps are achieved via motherboard monitor and Asus's provided AI Suite tools.

    I'm going to do the global win image and stats first as it's been tested dual prime95 for six hours already; i'll post the silverstone image since i just finished mounting it but won't have stats available until tomorrow.

    here's a pic of the global win fan mounted and in the case:

    globalwin - *RESULTS*
    six hours dual prime95 - in-place large FFT's
    core2 duo 6400 2.13ghz running @ 3.5 ghz
    cpu idle: 41-42
    cpu load: 60-61
    mb idle: 32
    mb load: 35-36

    (this is about a 8 or 9 degree decrease over the stock zalman fan)

    and now for the silverstone fan, ....

    this is a pic of the silverstone FM121 mounted on the zalman heatsink:

    and another (fan blades 1/4 inch from RAM!):

    Silverstone FM121 - *RESULTS*
    six hours dual prime95 - in-place large FFT's
    core2 duo 6400 2.13ghz running @ 3.5 ghz
    cpu idle: 41-42
    cpu load: 58-60
    mb idle: 32
    mb load: 34-36

    glad i tested the silverstone last since it beat the other fan by about an average of 2 degrees.

    I'm going to leave it mounted.

    the main noticeable improvement, however was in how incredibly fast the fan brought the temps down to normal idle temps after stopping the dual prime test ... just 3 or 4 seconds and it was back down to 42 or so at idle; anyone with a zalman 9500 should change they're fan immediately if they're interested in decent air cooled clocks.

    now i have to see how much more speed i can get out of it before hitting 65 absolute max load temps.

    here's a link with details on how to switch fans; note ... you will have to do some careful bending of the zalman mounting arms to get the 120mm fan to line up vertical with the fins ... get some needle nose pliers and take your time.

    do it.
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