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    dvd viewing problem HELP

    well i usally use windows media player to watch movies but i just got a 20" widescreen monitor and i want to watch my movies in its 16:10 beauty.

    well for some reason when played in media player it dosent show the full size of the movie even in full screen.

    so i tried useing my dvd player called powerdvd

    well for some reason when playing hte movie i dont see the movie. i can see a thin strip of the movie on the sides of the player and its ****ing me off and i want to be able to watch my movies with this program.

    in full screen its just pure black? it plays perfect in windows media player but its now full size its small. even in full screen and i want to be able to watch a movie in TRUE full screen.

    what is the problem that im haveing ??

    heres a pic

    i know in the pic of the windows media player you dont see a picture but there is one it just didnt stay when i screen shoot it and saved it with paint. but if you look hard you can see the size of the movie and the rest is just black and i wnat it to take advantage of my widescreen

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    CPU:INTEL Core I7 2600K (4.5Ghz)
    RAM:8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600mhz
    MOBO:ASUS P8P67 Pro rev 3.1
    GFX card:EVGA GTX 780 Ti
    HDD#1:Samsung 840 Pro 128Gb OS Drive
    HDD#2:Western Digital Caviar 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache Media/extra programs
    HDD#3:Wester Digital Green 1TB 7200 RPM
    Monitor: DELL 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor 1920x1080
    OS: Windows 8 PRO 64-Bit

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    I'm running Omega Radeon drivers for an ATI. In ATI properties, there are overlay settings for video aspect ratios and different external monitor setups.

    This might be related to your problem. Have a look in the Nvidia properties.

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