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    Quote Originally Posted by su root
    Now that I look back at it, the cause of this entire thread is an error message... I remember reading about that issue on the release notes known issues:

    As per your questions: I've still seen the cylinder boundary issue persist in newer machines, any systems I build, I always build boot(ext2, 100M), swap (1GB), and root(reiser). If it's a server, I'll put more partitions in.

    5GB of swap is overkill unless you have a specific use for it. It can't be used for both Windows swap and Linux swap at the same time. The rule of thumb is 2x how much ram you have in the system, but honestly, if you ever end up using 3x your RAM size, you are doing something wrong.
    Old habits die hard. I don't think I've ever done the default partitioning scheme offered by an installer--I always create separate partitions for / and /boot (and on both of my main systems now, the /usr hierarchy is on another drive, as is /home, but that's because I've got more disk than everyone else. )

    So if I have 4GB of physical RAM, I should have 8GB swap?
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    The 2x rule of thumb is rather outdated, currently. I like to have a /, a /boot and a /home partition. My swap right now is 1G, which is rqual to the amount of ram I have. I hardly ever even touch it.
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    I usually make my swap partitions 1GB, but then again, it depends a lot on what the system is doing. Most systems that I build I expect never to actually rely on swap. A system with 320MB of RAM, that will probably dig into swap if you fire up a GUI and a pile of applications though.

    You can use the Win2k bootloader, but it's a bit of a pain, and not a beginner thing.

    I have 1GB of physical ram right now, and I have 2GB of swap (1GB on each of two separate physical disks). I'm currently using 2MB of swap, and my system has been up for about a week running all kinds of desktop applications.
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