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    Alternative to sygate firewall?

    I'm very little into home pc firewalling, and have been using sygate for the past years... buuut, its not exactly brand new, so wanted to check out something new.

    What I like about the sygate firewall is the fact that its pretty no-nonse. No fancy gui, great 1 window overview, no browse-45-windows-to-see-what-I-need interfacing.

    So question is - in these XP/OSX/VISTA days - if there is any product, no bull, software firewall for home use?

    Cheers, Flix
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    I am using comodo which is free and I have no complaints.
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    i'm using filseclab firewall and it's free. it's also the only firewall to finally dissuade me from my 'firewalls are evil' stance.

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