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    "Big" monitors bad on the eyes?

    As a child my parents always told me to not sit too close to the tv because it's harmful for my eyes but is this still the case with todays technology? I want to get a TV/LCD combo to use for my computer plus to watch hdtv on. If I'm going to be using it alot as a monitor and as a tv what should I go with? Will going with something like this 42" Westinghouse be bad on my eyes compared to going with a Dell 30"? Any recommendations on which I should go with? I don't want my eyes to get worse than they already are.

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    Prior to 1968, televisions not only had the annoying/tiring flicker of a low refresh rate, they also could also put out considerable quantities of x-ray radiation. Modern CRTs still produce a small amount of x-rays, but not nearly as much as before.

    Modern LCD displays are much friendlier on the eyes, as they have no flicker and produce no X-Ray radiation whatsoever. Therefore, the old addage of sitting too close to the TV is not applicable to LCD displays. Do consult with your optomologist, however regarding issues that can arise as a result of long unbroken stints at the monitor and techniques for reducing eye strain/dryness.
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    Sitting too close to the TV may cause eyestrain, nothing more. Prior to 1968 so some sets emitted excessive X-rays.

    So sitting close to the tv it ok.

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