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    'Brit' convicted of using a MP3 player to hack ATMs

    A man in Manchester, England has been convicted of using an MP3 player to hack cash machines. Maxwell Parsons, 41, spent 200,000 of other people's money after using the machine to read card details.
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    Damn... Even though its wrong, you gotta give the guy props for pulling somthing like this off. Unless its not hard, Im not the authority on hacking ATMs here.

    Good find Unseen.
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    This sounds pretty basic from a technical standpoint. Simply record the audio being transmitted, then compare it against the sounds for a phone tone.

    Admittedly, he may need to do some test runs with a known card number..... Still... pretty interesting....
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    That's very clever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by article
    "The case was heard at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester. Parsons was sentenced to 32 months in prison for the scam. Though 200,000 was spent on the cards, police said they believed that Parsons himself only earned 14,000 through it."

    haha, ouch goes to prision for almost 3 years, and he only made about 14k in Euro dollars. daaamn, thats gotta suck.

    but, pretty smart for being able to do that!
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    and he would have been fine except he pulled an illegal u-turn....
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    He'll probably have a good job waiting for him in security when he gets out.
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    You gotta hand it to him, pretty smart idea had he decided against the U - Turn lol. Makes me wonder how safe those ATM's are though.

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    The most ingenious theives always end up with a better life than most people, no matter how long they spend in jail. The government will hire them and give them a whole new identity. Its sad.

    But you gotta give it to him, thats pretty clever, although its probably simpler than we are thinking right now.
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