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    DS3, New case install, shorting, where?

    I just installed a DS3 conroe system into my case, and for some reason this motherboard is shorting out when I move the case. What is the problem here? i've built quite a few, but for some time this reason i'm getting a short. On the ds3.

    Do i need to use cardboard spacers?
    If i do use them, do I use them on all the holes in the DS3?
    What are some other common areas to look for?

    I have removed all the extra mounting holes behind the mobo, but for some reason it's shorting.


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    Look across the motherboard with a flashlight to see if there's any dropped screws or plugs not fully in place.

    A card (AGP PCI PCIX) can do this also, so make sure they're seated completely into the slots. You can rock the case a bit too while looking with a flashlight to make sure that's not your problem.

    After that, I'd start looking to the mounting system behind the motherboard. Ya know, count the screws used and count the stand-offs to make sure they number the same (We've all had to do that I'd guess).
    Your motherboard can also have a component too close to a stand-off (I've had that). A small piece of electrical tape can cover that component (or stand-off), or you can use a nylon one if you can find them, or just don't use that particular stand-off (but be gentle to that part of the board with no support under it).

    Hope that helps, bud.
    And to the forums!

    *BTW, if your case uses those push-in mounts that fit square holes on the case, those sometimes get crossed onto a circuit on the back of the motherboard because they are so big. You can superglue those little red paper washers over the bolt hole on the push-mounts to insulate them, but the bolt through the motherboard would still provide a good ground as it is supposed to.
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