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Thread: cell phone n00b

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    4 hrs from where all these goodies are made, yet they cost double here than on newegg(which isn't on my continent)!

    cell phone n00b

    I've heard about being able to wirelessly transfer apps, tones etc from a pc to a cell, but how do you do it? The phone in question is a nokia 6210.

    EDIT: Some 4 in 1 card reader and "built-in infrared device" on my laptop. Though the card reader doesn't look like it would accept a SIM card (slot is way too large).
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    The phone looks to be bluetooth enabled, so google for a USB bluetooth dongle for your pc.

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    Yea all you need is a bluetooth dongle so that the pc can recieve signal from the phone wirelessly. I am about to get a bluetooth phone...I can't wait.
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    You can also use an internet based uploader:

    Be aware that data transfer fees apply (unless it is included in your plan).
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    yeah, ive had mine for less than a year.
    and my first one shattered when dropped off the counter
    so now im stuck with this 200 some odd dollar LG singular base model.
    (so much for unconditional replacement insurance too)
    which is okay, except i diddnt want a camera phone!
    now that ive played with it its handy - but ive yet to figure out how to get the pictures off it-and onto the computer - so its useless.
    not to mention you have to guess and navigate endless menues for 20 minuets to find the simplest setting or function- and pushing the wrong button trying to change something has you starting the whole stupid thing over again.
    its complete garbage, and a complete racket, but its the only phone ive got.
    and its nearly nessacary on large jobsites.

    i cant see why people love them so much, but allso i cant seem to make good use out of it.

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