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    should I rma it?

    I bought some advertised 4-4-4-12 gskill DDR2 800 2x512 for my new setup from newegg. There was a few reviews saying it wouldnt post as advertised so I did my research and figured those people just didnt know what they where doing and bought it anyways.

    I set it up per the instructions from gskill and sure enough blue screens either before I got to my desktop or right when I got there. I emailed support and they ended up telling me to RMA it to them, not really an option for me since I wouldnt have a computer while waiting who knows how long to get more. So I decide to RMA it to newegg and order some more expensive advertised 5-5-5-15 crucial ram just for the principal of the ram not being as advertised.

    Part of the gskill instructions is to set the ram to 1.9 instead of 1.8, today I decided to try 2.0 and so far its running just fine, went through a 3dmark06 session with out crashing and since 1.9 wouldnt even get to desktop I'm pretty confident this ram will run fine at 2.0

    Since the crucial hasnt shipped yet I bet I can still cancel it within the next 2 hours, think I should and keep the gskill at 2.0?

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    Have you run memtest on the gskills? Also what specs do they have for the voltage? If they seem to be running fine now I might hang on to them but if you are having to overvolt them to just to run stable then I'd rma.
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    hmm, I thought it was listed as a 1.8-1.9, but I just checked and see its a 1.9-2.0 so I suppose it just might be ok.

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