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    Stop and think a moment...

    Stop and think how lucky we are guys. We sometimes complain about not being able to buy the lastest. Sometimes we have the urge to buy a new DX10 GFx or a quad core, or 4 gigs of ram.

    How fortunate are we that we can afford and have what we have now? I have a laptop, and a sweet desktop. I was just talking to my gf and she was asking me about a computer that some coworker was selling for $300. (it was a Dell Deminsion L400c, Celeron 500..I said not worth more than $100 since it included the their is a near same system for $60 on craigslist.).
    She was asking because the only computer they have in their house is hers. That made me stop for a moment and think how lucky I am to have so much. Not that I have the lastest and greatest but its a lot more than some people have.

    So just thought I said that I know we have some members here that aren't in the best financial situations and we should all just take a moments and be thankful for what we have before we go complaining how your CPU doesn't overclock as great as the guy next to you.
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    Dude we're lucky not to be making sweaters in a malaysian sweat-shop let alone even have any computers of any kind.

    I'LL be lucky if I don't get deported or thrown into jail tomorrow. But I'll let you know all about how lucky I am after the fact.
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    I know what ya mean man. I was just thinking about this recently. Think of all the third world countries and even people in our country that can only dream of the things we have. I am very fortunate for what I have and I am going to work hard to make sure my children enjoyed the types of things I did as I child.
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    I have traveled to almost every continent in the world before I joined the Air Force and also with... I have seen the poor, the sick, the weak. I have seen people who have never seen technology more than a streetcorner phone. Worst of all I have seen people without any kind of freedom...

    I can't tell you how much all the travelling I've done in my life has affected my views on the USA and the way we live. I think I like like a king, seriously. I have everything I'll ever need. I cannot beleive the kind of convienences we have here compared to ANY other country. Anything you want at anytime can be had here in the United States and best of all, we have the freedom to enjoy it. I feel very fortunate.

    (on a side note, my Grandfather tells me stories about drinking out of rainbarrels as a kid and my Great Grandmother picked cotton in the fields in Lousiana after coming here from Italy, and I think of how far we come and how much better I live then my family before me.)
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    there are kids that sleep on dirt and cover themselves with tree branches because their families cant afford much. they are fuc*ed royally when it rains because their *shack* has holes on the roof.

    im glad im not them.

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    I'm a first generation American, I know how lucky I am. If my dad wasn't in the military during the Vietnam War, I'd probably be working for Nike in a sweatshop. Instead, I have a college education and work an as engineer.

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    I feel like I've earned much of my current success, but I'm also totally aware of the fact I wouldn't have had the opportunities to get to where I am right now without the work of my parents, our educational system, etc.


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