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    GRAW is unrealistic

    The enemy AI (I won't even touch the squadmates AI), is ridiculous. They can spot me across the map when I have an extremely hard time seeing them before they fire. A tank just magically knows where I'm positioned and fires a perfect shot and blows me to all hell. A heavy machine gun 500 meters away can shoot through a hole in a fence after seeing only 1/10000 of my body.

    Seriously. This game is frustratingly difficult for these reasons alone. I've played the old ghost recons and no enemy was this perfect. Hell, I can't even get a first hit on an enemy after firing while sidestepping around a corner when he's 3 feet away. Ubisoft, take back this pile of crap and bring out something decent. Also, what's with weapons switching? I have to hold down F, scroll up and down with my mouse wheel and wait 10 seconds to get a new weapon out? Common. Just stick with the numbers.

    Ugh. I'll go back to playing the old ghost recon.

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    Hm.. Memo to self, dun buy that game.

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    I don't know why they decided to screw up GRAW on PC

    I played it for awhile and it's just totally different game then 360 version, which is much better in my opinion (especially the multiplayer).

    Ubi is really screwing things up lately and making their games more arcade like with every release. I was really disappointed with Rainbow Six: Vegas cause of all the imbalance that the game has. I don't know what they are trying to do, but to me it seems that they are trying to pull in more audience by making the game more of an action shooter instead of tactical shooter.

    Have they forgot what made this franchise so popular in first place

    Looks like Ubi is slowly turning into EA, which has destroyed couple of franchise game.

    GoldenEye: Rogue Agent anyone?

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    they don't have the advertising funds to brainwash so many kinds into buying rubbish games that EA do though.
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    Just bought it today cause my friend has the 360 version of it. On the 1st mission one of the squad members just ran up and stood in front of a machine gun nest and got lit up. Then did it again the next time. Pretty sad so far...

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    I got this game after playing the 360 version at my friends and it promises soo much but its just soooo frustrating to play, has nice graphics but AI really gets to me and i just cant be bothered playing it, if they only got the AI sorted it would help soo much.

    At times its just tooo annoying moving team mates about, i wanna play a game for example far cry and be immersed in the game and not have to think oh no my squad is getting shot oh no im now dead cos i went to help them.

    Defo not as gd as 360 version.
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    I've had GRAW for about six months, played about 1/3 to 1/2 of it, and haven't touched it for at least 4 months now. Like others mentioned, just too frustrating in a multitude of ways.
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    Well I totally agree about this game. Teammates are just idiots who will get mowed down even when you give them the most simple orders. Most of the time I just use them as bait by sending them out ahead of me so that they will locate the enemy. Then I'll take out 95% of the bad guys because they can't shoot worth a damn. Certain areas of the game are almost impossible to get through and took a good 20+ tries. I quit about 4-5 levels in because it was more frustrating than fun.

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    well graw 2 is comming so maybe they will fix it haha

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    Well, the game is really hard for a fact... but I don't think it's that unrealistic at all.

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    Graw isnt anywhere near realistic as Rainbow Six Vegas :P
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    i dont like that you cant jump.

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    Im glad I only payed 14 bucks for it (from that thailand site)

    All TomClancy/Rainbow6/Ghost Recon games have had AI issues, despite the hype that the developers have used to make us think different.

    The best things that came out of it, were the SplinterCell games and the original Rainbow6 had a good lifespan in the community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhysX
    i dont like that you cant jump.

    BINGO! thats why i stopped playing. just couldnt get used it.

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