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    Upgrade from an X700Pro to a 6800? Yes or no?

    I don't know much about video cards, but how much faster would an XFX 6800 AGP 128 MB 256 bit video card be than an X700 Pro 256mb?

    I am thinking this is a low end 6800 because of it only having 128Mb of memory, so I was wondering if 65 bucks would be worth it to upgrade over an AGP X700 Pro with 8 pixel pipes that doesn't overclock well at all but with 256mb of ram.
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    i would just aim for higher. its only like a 15-20 frame boost. i went from an x700 pro to an x800 regular(about the same as 6800). i saw like a decent boost. but i got the card free. so if ur putting 65 more dollars into it its not worth it in my opinion.
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